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Halloween only comes once anually. Truth be told, if we had it our way, it’d be a year-long event. Really, any excuse for 365 days of cheeky mischief would do, but there’s something special about the Samhain traditions: creepy costumes, trick r treating, ghost stories, pumpkin carving…

The problem is, a full month never seems to be enough time to fit all the celebration in– making jack o’ lanterns alone can take hours, so we at Ground Up Films and our good friends and collaborators at Zebedee Films in Sarasota came up with our own unique way to cut down on all that messy carving time. Who needs to meticulously sculpt a dozen grinning faces into thick vegetables when we’ve got a Red Epic X and… PUMPKIN BOMBS?!!

So, in keeping with the ancient traditions of mischief and mayhem on the night of All Hallow’s Eve, we present to you 3 minutes of glorious, gut-filled explosions– in 300 fps, nonetheless!

Shot on RED EpicX 2k @300fps (and 5k @120fps)

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